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Testimony Time! - Seven Years of Barrenness/Impotency Destroyed

In Ps.35:5; For anger endureth but a moment: in His favour is life, weeping may endureth for a night’ but Joy commeth in the morning.
I and my wife came to Winners Chapel in 2011 with tears of childlessness. We married in 2009 and had no child for seven (7) years (2009-2017).


The mystery started when I was in my place of work and received divine message severally. In the message, I was convinced by the spirit of God working in me that I was no longer a human being. In other words, I was an empty being working with only mortal body; I was alive but spiritually dead.


In my agony, I was forced out of work through a co-worker who accused me of wanting to kill my Director and his house hold and divert his business empire to myself. While the agony of childlessness remains, I was dragged to the village before the elders for prosecution.


Before the journey to village, I had pleaded ignorant of such plot and persuaded my Director not to carry out any action that will ruin our relationship. On taking me to village, I had told him vividly that if investigation is not carried out, I was going to defeat him before the elders of the community.


On the day of judgement, I pleaded the God of Winners to give me an angelic word and to God be the glory; the case was to my favour. Defeat over my boss lead to my exit from the company.


I went for test at a hospital; and there I was made to understand that my system was loaded with toxic that even the doctor started searching for books to read and attend to my case. During the interview, I was asked if I worked with (ASEPA). I only spent and nothing was done to assist my condition.


At Winners Chapel, I am not a complete man unless I visited the Bookshop. After messages; I buy cassettes to download messages to my system. In my agony, I bought a cassata titled: God’s Wisdom Works, an eight in one cassette. In the message was; Unveiling the kingdom mystery for our supernatural breakthrough.
Papa defined mystery as divine wisdom embedded in the word of the scriptures. Mk. 4:11. Papa said God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and light unto out path. He also said that God’s word teaches us the way to walk per time and per season. He said that it will be spiritual carelessness for us to sit back and watch things the way they are and not pray about them.


He said these are mere religious, I also heard him say godliness or spirituality is profitable to all things having the promise of the light which is to come. He concluded that God will suddenly visit every heart winner for a turn around and if nothing turns for me, I am to be blamed. He also told me, he can show me how to turn it but cannot turn it for me.
I played this cassette every night. One day my wife asked me what was interesting in the cassette. I invited her to watch the mystery in the message. This is how, my family cued into every word of prophecy in the cassette. The same season, Pastor Collins assigned us to one week praise at night in our home.


The assignment we carried out. Other week, Pastor Kolawole Oniwide spoke on praises and assigned us to give God due praises. We fulfilled it.
Within theses period, we had a visitor at home who gave us portion 1 room the scripture to read- Psalm 128.


On exit, the woman who visited him at home, called him to come and take free baby (Adopted Child). In fact, our faith could not permit him go for the child rather we assured her to dash that child to whoever that needed it.


She said may our faith work for us. My wife went for test that week only to come back with positive answer that she was pregnant.
Today God has given us a strong beautiful baby girl. Truly our case is different.


Thanks to the God of Bishop David Oyedepo.


Sunday Ugoagha O.

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